What Is Yoga Therapy?


  • Yoga Therapy is a personalised yoga practice developed to suit an individuals health needs/goals. It is the application of Yoga as a tool, to enhance and assist personal health and wellbeing.


  • Yoga Therapy supports anyone wanting to take an active role in their own healing 

       and has much to offer in relieving symptoms, managing illness and coping with

       medical procedures and outcomes.


  • It works as a complimentary system of healthcare that can be undertaken alongside main 

      stream medical treatment or any other health regime.



Yoga Therapy can help, if you:


  • suffer with ongoing lowerback/neck/shoulder pain, sciatica.


  • need support/management techniques to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, mood irregularities.


  • Want a stronger body, better breathing, improved immune function.


  • Have an ongoing chronic condition that has not responded well to other forms of treatment.


Yoga Therapy is a valuable complimentary system with proven results. It is able to effect

disorder in any of the body's sytems:


                              skeletal                   muscular

                              immune                  lymphatic

                              cardiovascular         urinary

                              digestive                 respiratory

                              nervous                  endocrine

                              reproductive           integumentary (skin)



What to expect:

An in depth, personlaised and professional assessment/discussion to help me understand your body and its needs.

A design, explanation and written copy of techniques.

Depending on how developed a condition may be, it is recommended that more than one session be undertaken for effective results. Three sessions is ideal, but not imperative.

The first session and may run for 60-90 mins. Subsequent sessions will take less time.