+ Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the application of yoga for therapeutic benefit. A program is designed according to the individual needs of a person, with the the objective of attaining optimal health and wellbeing.


+ Private classes

For groups or individuals. We cater to your request,

Organise a class for your personal needs, eg: not sure how to do a pose?

                                                                 can't make it to a group class?

                                                                 want to work on your own first before joining a class?

                                                                 recovering from an accident or surgery?

                                                                 special occasion? eg: bridal party, birthday celebration,                                                                                honeymoon, weekend retreats

 For what ever reason perhaps a private class might be the answer. 


+ Corporate/workplace classes


GROUP CLASSES -See our timetable for when and where


+ General Yoga

Energise, revitalise and restore. This class has a breath centred focus and is designed to be accessible to all participants. It includes a variety of practices to stretch, strengthen and relax your body, mind and spirit. Suitable for beginners and experienced students.


+ Restorative Yoga

It is imperative that we take care of ourselves, otherwise lifes stresses will make us unable to care for those who depend on us. In this class, nurturing poses are sustained, in combination with the breath to help gently open and relax the body, as it moves toward restoration and balance. Taught in an immersion style see 'News" or email me for details of when and where.

+ Gentle Yoga

A less active class with an emphasis on gentle stretching. Again this class has a breath centred focus and is ideal for people new to yoga or those preferring a less dynamic approach.


Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation -based on the teachings of Paul Bedson (Gawler Institution) Come to understand the workings of the mind and free yourself from the grip of excessive thinking. Ongoing courses are offered on a regular basis -see "News" or email me for details of when and where!


+ Yoga by the Yachts
This class is held outdoors overlooking Westernport Bay; a free range, organic yoga suitable for all ages and stages. BYO mat


`Working full time and spending long hours on public transport means my down time is VERY important to me. I try to look after my body and manage my energy levels, and one of the most important ways of doing this is keeping my yoga going. As well as attending her weekly classes, I recently attended Deb`s Restorative Yoga Workshop at Silver Leaf. It was 2 and a half hours of bliss for me! I love the supportive environment, Deb`s clear instruction, and the way she has of getting me to really focus on my body, my breathing and my thoughts, in a way, that just shifts all the builtup stress from the week. Deb has a unique quality with her teaching; nurturing each individual as she gently encourages you to go deeper, to experience more...

I LOVE her classes and her style of teaching!`


Pam Marshall, April 2015