Saturday morning-@ Flinders Civic Hall

9:00 am General Yoga  (75 minutes)

Classes recommence in the Flinders Civic Hall

Cook St


On the 6th February 2021

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Silver Leaf Yoga in Merricks

Monday morning 9:30am gentle

Studio class. Limit of 20 persons.

Bookings essential

Friday morning 9:30am gentle

Studio class

 @ Silver Leaf Yoga studio

Email or text Silver Leaf Yoga 

Robin 0400 451 089 


Restorative Immersions

Every long weekend (cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions)

Check 'News' page for specific dates.


      5 week introduction to Meditation

Wednesday evenings, commencing 

                     7 -8:30pm

Silverleaf Yoga, Frankston Flinders Rd, Merricks

                 When you walk into a yoga

          session with Deb you immediately

         feel relaxed, and as a newcomer to yoga

        I was a little nervous that I'd be out of

      step with the rest of the class. Deb manages

     to make you feel like you are the only person

   in the class - tailoring each element so that I

   always feel comfortable and that I am learning

   and growing each class. Deb has a way of making            yoga lighthearted and joyful and often I find

         myself smiling or laughing in class.


                     - Emily Redward 2015